Acrylic Extensions 

Acrylic comes in so many colours and doesn't need to be cured under a light. Acrylic can be applied over natural nails for strength or tips can be added to extend your nails, then, Acrylic is applied. Acrylic has came a long way since it was first brought out. It is quite universal and most people are suited to Acrylic 

Builder Gel 

Builder gel comes in many colours.
It's a gel that hardens under the led/uv lamp and creates a strong structure over your nail. Builder gel isn't suited to everyone or for extreme length nails. 
It can be used to repair broken nails or extend natural nails 

IBX System

IBX is a natural nail strengthening system made to Toughen, Repair and Protect the natural nail.

IBX is HEMA Free.

What it does:IBX is the first treatment of its kind, IBX works INSIDE the nail, not on top like traditional treatments and coatings. IBX is penetrated into the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail and to itself, creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network.


Footlogix pedicures are transformational when done every 4 to 6 weeks at shardilly nails. Can be done with or without gel toes.

Footlogix is the world's first and only Pediceutical® foot care line, offering innovative foot care products, that provide effective and transformational results to the skin and nails of the feet.

At home kits can be bought and delivered to your door. These kits are to be used between your appointments with me 

Gel polish

Gel polish can be applied to natural nails or over enhancements. This is a durable nail coating and applied in layers. Over 80 hema free colours to choose from and you can also opt for some nail art

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