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Nail shapes are not a "one shape fits all". It all comes down to your natural nail length, strength, the shape of your hands/fingers, your daily activity and so on.

I've had my fair share of nail shapes and lengths...... Some have been successful, but others have come at a price and sometimes casualties. I remember having extra-long coffin nails, but they literally kept snapping due to my daily activities. Bare this in mind when you choose your nail shapes girls and guys.

So, what are the most common shapes and who do they suit?

Round ♡ This shape is like a beginner for budding nail enthusiasts. This look is achieved by rounding the free edge to elongate the fingers and hands. A great shape for natural short nails, short acrylics and builder gels. Probably the strongest of nail shapes. In my opinion this shape is for everyone, even nail biters  

Oval ♡ This shape is a step up from round. You've had round and your nails have grown a considerable length and grown past your fingertips. The shape gives an illusion of slender fingers. A great shape for all, as long as you have some length to play with but don't worry you can add extensions or builder gel to extend your natural nail

Square ♡ This shape has a tendency to shorten the look of your fingers, so be aware of this. This blunt shape is filed very sharply and precise. This can be achieved with natural nails or acrylic extensions. If you're wanting long square, then you'll definitely need acrylic extensions

Squoval ♡ This shape mimics the shape of your cuticle. It's easy to maintain and no fuss. The nail is filed to a square then a light file to the corners to create a softer squared edge. Ideal for shorter natural nails, acrylic extensions or builder gel

Almond ♡ This shape is similar to Oval, but the tip is slimmer than the base and softly rounded. If you want more slender looking fingers, then this is the nail for you. This can be achieved with acrylic extensions or builder gel. Easy to manage and great with nail art

Coffin ♡ This shape is probably the most sought-after nail shape at present. There are slightly different coffin shapes depending on where you get them done. They always taper off to a thin square at the edge. These nails are more high maintenance and need a little extra TLC since they are usually very long. They suit most fingers and can be achieved with acrylic extensions

Stiletto ♡ This shape is not for the faint hearted or for natural nails. No matter how strong your nails are, I wouldn't suggest shaping your nails into stiletto. You'd definitely need acrylic extensions to get the desired stiletto shape. This sharp design is harder to manage and you could end up with lots of breakages. Even the sharp points could get you into deep trouble, especially if you catch someone with your nails. This nail shape will suit most people but maybe not their lifestyle or daily activities

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