So, the question is to oil or not to oil? 

Cuticle oil is perfectly safe to use daily and should definitely be part of your beauty routine and everywhere in-between. Cuticle oil is an incredible product for hydrating and strengthening nails naturally! 

There are many oils on the market, some of which are at the higher end of the price scale and some at the lower end. 

When researching brands, you want to look for an oil that has jojoba oil, sweet Almond oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. All these oils have so many benefits for your skin and nails. They are all approved for cosmetic use. 

There are many benefits of using an oil is endless. A good cuticle oil will strengthen your nails and will protect them from harsh weather. Olive oil even offers some UVB protection. A good oil could even heal damage because of the antioxidants in the ingredients meaning that the oil will promote regrowth and regeneration on a cellular level. And to top it all off, a cuticle oil can even prevent or help infections due to the antibacterial a WIN WIN 

If your cuticles are in need of some nourishment, your nails are weak, brittle and lack shine then you may benefit from a cuticle oil. As mentioned, there are different oils on the market and mostly under ¬£15 including our very own range which is only ¬£7. 

We've already had amazing feedback but don't take our word for it, try it yourself! 

Lots of Love 

Shardilly Nails